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  • Topics Options:  

  • Gut Healing (Bone Broth, Kombucha – samples etc. )  

  • Soaking and Sprouting 

  • Cooking and oils – Do’ and don’ts, safety and non – toxic foods and practices  

  • Hormone Health  

  • Recipe Demo 

  • Meal Planning and Batch Cooking  

  • Myth versus Fact  

  • Mindful and Intuitive Eating Challenge + “Diet” Do’s and Don’ts. (Focus on a different way to be healthy or lose weight that is not restrictive. Focus on tips and tricks, plus the surprising facts of fats and carbs. Tools (food journal, meal balancing and apps for accountability)  

  • Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen + recipes 

  • Nutrition on the go and within budget  


  • Boost productivity

  • increase morale

  • Save on healthcare costs Lower employee absenteeism

  • Attract & retain employees

  • Address the long-term health needs of your staff (decrease disease risk factors) Lessen & ease workplace-related injuries (eg, carpal tunnel, back pain, stress)


  • Reduce stress

  • Enhance focus, memory & creativity

  • Boost immunity

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Increase energy and endurance Alleviate depression

  • Assist with better sleep

Take Care Of Your Body, It's The Only Place You Have to Live .....