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Your recipe for success in the kitchen. . .

THE ultimate resource to healthy cooking

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What's Inside?

  • How to save time, money and your sanity when it comes to weeknight meals

  • How to effectively grocery shop and cook in bulk

  • Dietary guidelines on how to start eating cleaner and eliminating inflammatory foods

  • Guide to choosing quality products and foods

  • Which oils, fats and ingredients to cook with and what to avoid

  • How to shop organic on a budget

  • Tips for proper digestion

  • 11 versatile recipes that can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • All recipes are based on a real, whole food diet removing Gluten and most grains + dairy 

  • My go-to brands, products and favorite ingredients

  • A look into identifying food sensitivities and chronic conditions

  • Printable Grocery List for easy shopping

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