I work month to month with clients virtually via video conference or phone

I also offer custom Supplement Recommendations for non-clients looking to receive help and guidance when it comes to elevating their health through herbal and nutrient supplementation

Functional Lab Testing

Testing can be the most powerful healing work, work that goes far beyond a diagnosis and disease management. My job is to identify what needs support, what pathogen is blocking function, or what are the food triggers that are preventing you from thriving. With that information, I can bring the body back into balance so that it can achieve optimal wellness of its own accord. Rather than working from the outside in – from a symptom management perspective – we are working from the inside out with the most accurate testing on the market today

Individual Consultations

This is perfect for someone who wants to book individual sessions when they are ready for support. All individual sessions will start with one 60 Min consultation to review intake forms, health history and any lab work you would like to me review. You have the option of running lab work with me prior to our first consultation. I run blood chemistry, stool analysis, hormone testing, micronutrient panels and more. After our first 60 Min session, you can book your 30 Min follow up appointments as needed.

1 Month Package Nutritional Therapy

This package is designed to provide you with an immediate protocol and recommendations after just 1 consultation. Together we will take a deep dive into your current lifestyle, identify imbalances, and discuss any barriers to you achieving your health goals. By elevating your diet, mindset and everyday habits, we will clearly map out your path to a more vibrant way of living.

Supplementation Recommendations

Supplements can be totally confusing! Plain and simple. There are hundreds of brands to choose from and hundreds of places to buy them from. Unless you really know your stuff, it can be very difficult to know if what you are taking is right for you, if there is a better option out there and even how much of something to take.

Here's where I come in....

Functional Lab Testing

Often times you might have several smptoms such as severe gas and bloating after meals, alternating between constipation and diarrhea, trouble sleeping, acne and much more. What’s the root cause of these issues? It could be any number of things. It could be functional issues like low stomach acidity or insufficient enzyme output. It could be low lying food sensitivities. It could be a pathogen: maybe a parasite or a bacterial infection. Or it could be something like SIBO. Or it could be some combination of these! There’s just no way to know for sure without testing. This is why I am certified to run these labs to get real answers

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