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This package allows us to spend the most time together, addressing your health goals, fixing imbalances and deficiencies in the body and retraining  not only your physical  habits but your mindset to adopt a healthy lifestyle change. 


This package is designed to give you a fresh start, a head to toe refresh and new practices to address your current health concerns and goals. We will work together to set you up for success after our time together with a whole new perspective on healthy living with the correct tools you need to get back on track. 


This package is a quick reset button to give you a health makeover and quickly help heal any nutrition frustrations or 

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How do I get started ?


  • Address your health concerns and frustrations in a way that makes you motivated to see a positive change.  

  • Identify the root cause of your discomfort, cravings, or health issue by looking at all the possibilities, foods and lifestyle habits that may be playing a part in your case.  

  • A custom designed package with attainable goals tailored made to your lifestyle and preferences. 

  • Education on why you are following the protocols that you are. References to help you better take control of your health and understand the why behind a whole food diet and healing.

What can I expect? 

Need to print these packages to think it over?
  • Remove frustration around eating, cooking, meal options, grocery shopping and gain the confidence to choose your meals wisely, while on a budget.

  • Gain confidence in your healing process,  your body and your kitchen.    

  • Weekly check in’s and communication to keep you accountable, motivated and excited.

  • Supplement recommendations if needed.

  • Function Evaluation, if you choose this protocol and the Lingual Neuro Testing or “LNT” process design and performed by Nutritional Therapists around the world to identify imbalances in the body.